Things that amaze me . . .

There are so many things that I hear about . . . that amaze and encourage me:

ladies gathering for prayer every Monday to lift up our church and our nation.

– Rick Perry going down to Zachary, Louisiana to work with World Changers to help flood victims. Thanks for all the items you donated to help those in need.

– over 100 children are signed up for Beach Club at Rivercrest Elementary (and more are being added each week.)  Sometimes it seems like organized chaos, but I love those folks who come each week to love and teach children about Jesus.

– I appreciate Mitch and Diane Frederick taking the donated linens (that you brought) to the coast to help flood victims.

– Leslie and a team left this week to go to Love Packages.  They are taking a “moving truck” full of literature to add to the literature that will be sorted, shipped and “reused” all over the world.

– on Monday after Victory Day, some of the staff took “leftover barbeque” and added sides and dessert to make a lunch for the teachers at Rivercrest Elementary.  They were very excited.

– the clothing consignment sale went well.  We will enlarge it in the spring.  We desire to help young families get good clothes at great prices.

– after the lunch on Victory Day, many of our folks took lunches to homebound from our church.  What a great way to show love and minister to them.

– MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) met today.  I like to peek in and see the laughter and encouragement that is being shared.  Most of these ladies are not members of our church.

– I walked by the gym on Monday night and saw the ladies exercise class.  Most of these ladies were not members of our church.

– the Prison Ministry group met at our church this week.  Lisa Tennyson and many others are constantly raising money and seeking ways to minister to this group.

– our Cancer Ministry led by Mike La Riviere continues to touch lives (often outside the monthly meetings.)

– folks making mats from plastic bags for the homeless, cook-outs for the police department, mission groups staying in our facility, classes constantly taking care of their members with food and love.

Thank you for all you do to bless lives!   If you have not found your place or niche, contact Leslie or Linda. 


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