From Your Pastor’s Heart November 2017

The last six weeks . . . have been crazy.  There has been so much emotion over the discussion of merging with Highpoint.  This past week, the leadership at Highpoint changed direction and the merger dissolved.  It was a shock . . .  some are disappointed, and some are happy.  All of us are trying to figure out what is going on.  The big question is “what’s next?”  Our calling has not changed.  We still want to reach the Bartlett community with the gospel.  We seek a diversified church – all age groups, races and economic backgrounds unified to work together for the kingdom.


Our church is praying and seeking the next step.  The pastor and staff will be meeting to develop plans to fulfill our mission.  We are committed to reaching young adults.  We are ready to do whatever it takes to reach the next generations.  I appreciate your willingness to change and sacrifice if necessary.  You are amazing!


You may be asking, “what can I do during this interim period?”   (1) You can be faithful to worship.  There is strength when we meet together.  God works in the midst of His people.  We need to love and encourage each other.  (2)  You can give.  While we are working on plans for the future, the first step is to get our budget caught up.  We have seen amazing giving over the past several months. We are slowly catching up.  God is good!   Some of you have said you could give extra.  Now is the time to step up and honor that commitment.  You have been faithful in the past and I know you will continue to serve faithfully.



Our Finance Committee . . . will be working on a budget for 2018.  We had that budget on hold until a decision was made about Highpoint.  Be patient.  A budget needs to reflect a plan.  We are working on a plan.  Pray for our Committee as they develop a budget that will support God’s plan.



I encourage you  . . . to enjoy the holidays.  Take time to reflect on God’s goodness, to love on your family and friends and to trust God for our future.  Take time to encourage someone who is hurting, listen to a child tell a story and look for ways to share Jesus.  I hope you have a wonderful “Thanksgiving” season and remember to thank GOD for your blessings.


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