From your pastor’s heart…

It was a joy . . . to be back with you on Sunday.   Donna and I really did enjoy the time away with our daughter Michelle, her husband Brandon and our four grandchildren there in France.  We visited the Normandy Beaches and I was able to preach (with an interpreter) one Sunday in the church in Meru.  The time away always helps to refresh and also gives me a clearer picture of our church and God’s call on my life.  You are a sweet people and I am blessed to be here as your pastor.

As always, Nick, Dr. Day and Fred did a wonderful job preaching for me while I was gone.  It is good to have these men available to fill in.  If you missed last Sunday- WOW- it was an amazing service.  Nick baptized seven of our young people and their testimonies were powerful.  We observed the Lord’s Supper and we had a great crowd.  We are blessed with guests every week and God is opening doors for us to share God’s love in many ways.  We had about 30 people who went downtown to minister through the “Church Without Doors.”  I appreciate Rick Perry leading in this ministry.  Contact him if you would like to help.

We are moving towards . . . the Week of Prayer for North American Missions.  It officially starts this Sunday and we will begin taking up the Annie Armstrong offering.  Our goal is $5,000 this year and we exceeded that goal last year.  There are activities during the week that will focus on education about missions and prayer for missions.  You will find the schedule in this Messenger.

Our Men’s Weekend (March 4th and 5th) . . . includes the Wild Game Night and a Men’s Choir on Sunday.

Our men have been meeting for months planning this event.  I am looking forward to all the awesome “wild game” and fish and hushpuppies and desserts.  It is a great time together.  It is also a time for sharing about Jesus and offering men ways to grow in their faith.  Pastor Dr. Randy Bain will be speaking at the Wild Game event and then preaching on Sunday morning for us.  Our men will fill the choir loft and lead in the worship.  This is not an event just for men who hunt and fish.  We will have a lot of men at this meal who don’t have a church home or do not know Jesus as Savior.  What a great opportunity to share what Christ has done for us.  Be praying for our leadership, Dr. Randy and for God to open doors to reveal the love of Jesus.

I will be preaching about “pain at the cross” . . . beginning on March 12.  As we move towards Easter, we will explore the Scriptures about those who suffered at the cross.  Our Easter music will be on Sunday, April 9th.  You won’t want to miss it.


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