30 Year Feelings

As I approach my 30 year anniversary . . . I have lots of mixed feelings.

How did those years go by so fast?

I was a mere child (31 years old) when I came to Raleigh Baptist as the Associate Pastor/Youth Minister.  Donna and I have raised our three girls and they have made us proud!   They have blessed us with eight grandchildren.  They make me laugh and bring me much joy.  I am a blessed man.


I have actually had three different “jobs” with the church.

My title changed to Minister of Education/Youth for several years.  I was then called in 1995 as Pastor.  The church has loved and supported me in so many ways.  I was allowed to complete my Doctorate during those early years.  I learned so much about ministry, people and God’s grace.  You have not only trained me, you have helped make my ministry a joy.  I always dreamed of becoming a pastor and loving a group of people. I would walk beside them in good and bad times.  I would teach them, encourage them and lead them.  You have made that dream come true.


I can’t say thanks enough for all you have done.

I can truly say that I love you.  I look forward to more years ahead of working together.  I know there are challenges and blessing ahead.  God still has great plans for Bartlett Hills Baptist Church.  I want us to “love God, love people, serve the world, and reach people.”  Our job is not yet done.


I know you will make plans . . . to join us for worship on Easter Sunday!

We will have two options for worship.  We will have our sunrise service at 7:30 am and our Easter Celebration at 9:45 am.  Some will chose to go to both services. Some will go to one service.  Invite a friend or family member to worship with us.  Both services will be “blended.”   Both services will proclaim resurrection!


We only have a few more weeks . . . left for Beach Club at Rivercrest Elementary.

The spring has been good and we have shared Jesus with 50 to 90 students each week. It has been wonderful to have children come to talk with us about following Jesus.  We always follow up and talk with parents.  It has been such a blessing to hear the response of parents to Beach Club.  They are excited about the ministry and glad our church is so involved in the community.  Pray for us as we close out the year.  Pray for us as we continue to seek more ways to reach into our community.


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